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Sunday, April 17, 2011

More puppies

I was interrupted earlier when I was posting and wasn't able to get my other's Little Whites up on the blogs so here they are.  This is Pearl Estelle again (she is a ham and loves to have her pictures taken) and Malachite who will be the father of her puppies, which are due in June.

Next is a picture of Pearl Estelle and Opal Ann.  Opal Ann is Pearl's half sister and only weighs in at 2.2 pounds soaking wet.  Opal is the the one looking at the camera.


  1. They are so adorable, I love them and it makes me miss my baby but I will see her on Tuesday Night. Thank you for sharing them. hugs Cathy

  2. they are so cuuute! I wonder how many more puppies YOU are gonna have come in June...Keep us updated! :-)

  3. What precious babies. How do you find time to make cards with so much love to cuddle with?
    Sue S.