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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Panda's Panda

     My college daughter has a friend name Panda, who, of course, collects ..... wait for it..... pandas....duh!  Well Panda was feeling down so my daughter, Violet, had me make this card for her from my newest Cricut cartridge.

     This is a fun cartridge that goes along with my love of all things Japanese.
      Unfortunately, Johnny Luv wasn't able to get the inside picture of this card to come out. It was uber cute, oh well.  This was a relatively easy card to make.  Just cut out the Panda and the lantern and glue together.  I added a skewer for the lantern pole. The patterned paper was something that has been in my stash for absolute years.


  1. How adorable. My dd would love it. She loves pandas.

  2. How cute! My son's Chinese wife is definitely getting something like this for her bday! I love that Pagoda cart, use it a lot for scrapbooking stuff.

  3. LOL this is soo cute! I've never heard of the name of Panda, except PANDA, itself! LOL. That's cute! I wonder she is a chinese?? lol I luuuv Panda! (and Koala bear!) I also luv that this panda carries lantern! So cute!! :-)

  4. Great card. I'm sure it cheered her up. Don't you love when you use something you've had in your stash forever?

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for this card! I know it is a bit late for a thank you, but I really enjoyed it and it did cheer me up! I love it! It is really amazing and beautiful.