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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Leather Cowgirl

        The girls over at Bombshell Stamps were challenged to try a new technique.  Now, I had an idea or two of what I wanted to do but wasn't sure it would work.  Well after playing around putting a burn on the craft desk, melting some Tupperware, melting a part of the keyboard,  and burning myself twice.  This is what I came up with

     Using a scrap of Johnny Luv's leather, I stamped my Retro Cowgirl image on then used a wood burning tool to burn her into the leather.  I used a fancy tip on the wood burning thingie to give it some texture around the edges. Next the image was colored up with copics, her skin tone didn't change too much it still looks about like the leather.  Next I used some distress inks to color the background.  The star brads are something my daughter had sitting around in her room (found them when I was cleaning) The concho was purchased from Tandy Leather,  they come in a package of maybe a dozen and are fairly cheap and a great embellishment for Western themed stamps.  I had purhcased the cowboy ribbon years ago and have been saving it for just the right project.  This was it.  I also added a little ribbon tassle just because I could.  Finally I buffed the entire thing with a soft cloth and burnished the edges using a burnishing tool.

     I took this project over to my dad's to show him,  he confiscated it on the spot.  He is going to hang it on his rearview mirror in his truck.  He also showed it off at the show and tell portion of his leather guild meeting where it met with the approval of the rest of the guild.  Not bad for a first attempt.  I will definitely be working on this technique some more.

    On the downside, Johnny Luv says if I burn myself anymore, he will be taking away my crafty tools.  Guess I better be more careful or blame the burns on cooking.  

Bombshell Stamps - Retro Cowgirl
Scrap Leather
Distress Ink, Vintage Photo and Walnut
Wood Burning Tool with fine tip and texture tip
Brads Daughter's Stash
Key ring from my purse
Concho - Tandy Leather
Ribbon - $1 bin from Michaels
Burnishing Tool - Tandy


  1. omgosh Mary this is gorgeous!!! Sorry you had to go through so much creating it!
    take care!

  2. Luv this tag. esp. the how you burned around the edge, and distressed it!! Beautiful! I used to do crafting using leather but never tried to burn it, but stamped & stamped with metal decorations tips on the top. It was fun! That is so cute that you father CONFISCATED it, and plans to hang it in his car! :-) but, as Johny luv said, Please don't burn yourself!lol ;-) Have a great weekend~~

  3. Came out great. Now, you need to try this with some of the mousies. Oh, what a thought.
    I do like the way this worked out thou, and dad confiscating it, that is too funny.
    Hope all the burns will clean up and/or heal very quickly with no added problems.

  4. That is really neat! Is there no end to the versatility of stamps? or the creativity of us stampers? Next time, try using Welders' gloves :)
    Sue S.

  5. Great idea. I have stamped on leather before but never done any burning. Looks cool.

  6. Oh how fun! Isn't it cool when DAD loves a creation that much???!!!