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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bombshell Charm Bracelet

     This month the Bombshell Babes were asked to create a piece of jewelry using paper.  I'm not sure if Shrinky Dinks count as paper, but that is what I decided to use.  If you are old enough to be considered vintage like I am, then you may remember how fun Shrinky Dinks were when they first came out.  Boy I just colored and baked for hours.  I never did really use most of the stuff I shrank just had a box full of shrunken art. (At least, I thought of it as art).

   My own children were fascinated and amazed at the stuff.  Apparently, it hadn't made been able to jump over the generation gap.  They are all now plotting and planning their own amazing boxes full of art (junk).

    What I created for this challenge was a charm bracelet.  I used all of the full image female Bombshell stamps.  The woman in the shoe of the Girl's Ruin set just was too big even after shrinking, but all the other bombshells came out pretty good.

I have to tell you when I poke a hole through the image heads for the jump rings. I felt like a murder, it was really creepy.  I will probably need counseling.  But I think it was worth it.  The bracelet, which I bought at a dollar store, had a few charms on it and after I dded the heart charm and all the Bombshells it came out kinda cute.  I actually wore it to a crafty class on Saturday where I received a number of compliments.  The only problem is that the Man's Ruin image in the martini glass broke while I was wearing it.  I think the stem of the glass is just to fragile to handle all the roughness of banging into the other charms and tables and such.  I think she will make a much better pair of earrings.  

Here's a little bit of a closer look.  This bracelet is about the hardest thing I have ever tried to photograph.  I'm not happy with it still, but after about 150 (no exaggeration) pics this is the best I could do.

It was really neat wearing this to the scrapbook store.  I was able to compare my images to different design papers and decide which image would go with which paper.  OK, so I'm kinda (a lot) dweeby.  I have learned to cope with it.

I'm thinking of doing this again with my Bombshells all wearing red with black beads instead of charms and making matching earrings using the Man's Ruin.  I may also stick them on some bobby pins.  The possibilities are endless and I seem to be hooked on shrinking things again.

Remember, if you would like a chance to win a set of Bombshell Stamps and a nifty badge for your blog, just play along with the challenge using your Bombshell Stamps.  You just need to link up with the blog post on the Bombshell Blog Here and for a second chance Here on the Bombshell Forum.  Good Luck to you and don't forget.  We also have a prize patrol out scouting for spiffy Bombshell creations.

Hula Girl
Hawaiian Girl
Retro Cowgirl
Man's Ruin
Girl's Ruin
Cherry Bomb
Butterfly Queen
Lucky Bride
Bombshell Angel
A Pirate's Life
Anchor Mermaid
Mermaid Treasure    (Yeppers, I sure did use a lot of stamps)
Stazon Ink
Copic Markers
Prima Pencils
Shrinky Dink Frosted 
Glitter's Dollar Jewelry Bracelet

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  1. THIS is beyond amazing. WOW!!! So gorgeous and a lot of work. Looking at it though, worth every single minute. LOVE it!!!