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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forever Patriotic

     I know this post is a little late, it is the Father's Day present I made for my Johnny Luv.  The post may be late but the gift was right on time.  This year I made him a forever calender.  I found one that looked horrible at the second hand store and altered it into something Americana for my very own Captain America.
     Here's a close up of the top of the calender
     This matches a hat rack I made him last year for Valentine day.  He is supposed to have a matching frame as well, but somehow, I haven't managed to get to that yet.

      I really enjoyed making this for my sweetie and the different pieces all have meaning.  The constitution is for the oath he took to defend and serve when he was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne.  The Fireworks are because he is a absolute pyro and may yet get his commercial fireworks license.  The Heart is cause he has mine forever.  The American flag is there because he is a Patriot Guard rider.  The Statue of Liberty is a pewter magnet that he received as a gift on the first Christmas with his new family and because he is a defender of liberty to his dying breath.  I am so proud to be his wife and love and I thank God everyday for this wonderful man.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! THat is so professional! WOWIE! I want one, hehe.........You are amazing!

  2. This is absolutely awesome. Love it an I know he does to. thanks for sharing it. Hugs, Cathy

  3. Wow!!! I wish I had the patience to do something like this. Girlie, if he doesn't like it I most certainly do. Wanna teach me how?

  4. Amazing! Absolutely a work of art!
    Lisa :)
    p.s. joining your blog =D