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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How's It Hoppin'

OK so the title is a little hokey but I'm not the swiftest tool in the closet, or something like that.  I am excited about this month's Bombshell Blog Hop.  I mean, I actually got my project done before the night before.  I am even posting before 6 am (Waaaay to early to be up in my opinion).  Now if you have followed all of this paragraph you are a true word master and superty-duper smart.

This month's hop theme chosen by our intrepid blog hop conductor, Allison the crafty, is iconic.   Iconic you ask (I did too); iconic means using the itty-bitty stamps that come with a stamp set as opposed to the main image.  Apparently this has turned out to be an uber popular theme.  All the Bombshell Babes  really became excited and starting pinging off the wall with clever ideas. (Some worked some didn't - I know cause my first idea didn't work four times).

Finally after a number of attempts I managed to make my project work - not the project I envisioned , had to totally scrap that one, but a better, brighter, more brilliant project.  Brilliant as in lights up.  But wait,
have you started at the beginning of this adventure or have to snuck into the middle.  If you have crept in undiscovered, shame on you.  Back to the start at the Bombshell Blog you go unless you are one of those who read the second book in the trilogy and then work their way back to the first after they have finished the third.  In that case, your just fine.  If however you are an orderly, responsible member of society here's a link to the first stop on this hop.  LINK

Now that I have further confused myself and you.  Here is my iconic (loved saying that word) project.
Wait - Now comes the really brilliant bit

See told you.  I lit this puppy up with a electric tea light.

This project began as a little wooden box that I purchased at Michaels.  I wanted to do a shadow boxy thing with it but, unfortunately you could not see the images through the anchor as I envisioned it.  So  I tried staining the box with distress ink and then stamping on it. - That didn't work too well either.  Next I tried painting it and then stamping - still a bust.  Finally I went for paper and distressed it then stamped my little nautical icons and then added it to the box; front back and sides.  The inside is lined with paper and then I added a distressed vellum piece behind the anchor.  Ta-da - finally.

After all that work, my son has made off with it and it has gone to his cave on the second floor never to be seen by mom eyes again.  He likes things that light up.

So now on to your next stop on your iconic journey (does that make sense?)  Anyway off you go to your next blog.

Here is the full hop list!

Bombshell Blog:
Torrey: were there
Sparkly Engineer Mary: NOW YOU ARE HERE (HI)
Stempelientje: next you will be there
Glittery Katie:

Thank you for stopping and visiting with me. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Bombshell Stamps - A Pirates Life
                                Ahoy Sailor
                              Homeward Bound
Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Old Paper, Vintage Photo, Corduroy, Mahogany, Denim



  1. You're right, Mary...this is BRILLIANT! And, in defense of your son...I would have absconded with it too. Just sayin'.

  2. I love this! Bombshell stamps, an anchor, tea light candle - a few of my favorite things. Great work, this project is awesome!

  3. Very cool project. I love your use of the icons and really love that you figured out how to make it work.

  4. 4th times the charm for you 'eh? Well, I think it looks great. And I love that your son has taken it. That means it's a REALLY good project! Super clever. I love things that light up too.

  5. Sparkly!!!!! It is so cool. I love the see through anchor, and the use of the multiple icons.

  6. Extremely cool project! I love the nautical theme.:)