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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Altered Bottles

     When I changed the decor for my party.  I had to change the centerpieces.  I was going to use cans painted to match and add paper doiles and rafia bows with blue hydrangeas.  But that just didn't work with the round tables and new colors.  So, I started looking through my house and brainstorming and came up with the idea of using a mixture of milk glass vases and altered bottles as centerpieces.

     My bil, who is a real dear heart, works a nightclub and brought me loads of bottles.  I also had a few smaller bottles that I purchased at the second hand for just pennies.  Here's some of the bottles I came up with.  I tried to get a vintage feel going for them.

  This is one of my favorite bottles.  In the back you can see where I added a paper butterfly to the inside.  I just cut the butterfly out of a calendar and copied it.  Next, I glued the two pieces together with a wire inserted into the center so that he would flutter in the bottle.
 I tried to mix two or three bottles on each table with the milk glass. I added three or 4 pieces of milk glass filled with blue hydrangea.

    My bil supplied me with some really neat shaped bottles.  I used a tea theme on this one.

  There are just too many to show them all off today, so tomorrow I'll add the last four sets.


  1. How awesome, I love your ideas and these are magnificent, hugs, Cathy

  2. they are very nice, Mary Anne! :-)