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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Lantern

     As you can probably tell by now, Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays for creative inspiration.  Today, I have another spooky little something, a candle lantern.  I actually use an electric candle to keep it safe since my project is made of wood and paper.

      I'm kinda liking this photo even though it is a little blurry. It looks appropriately spooky for Halloween. It wasn't easy taking a photo in my bathroom.  It was the only room without it's own light source and I take my photos in the morning for best light. 

     Here is what it looks like with the lights on.

 I purchased this as a plain wooden box at Michael's last year after Halloween.  I know, you can all say it with me now "Never buy anything for regular price".  First thing I made a pattern for the face.  Then I painted the entire thing black, next up add the papers and distress.  Finally add some embellishments and a ribbon.  I almost forgot.  I papered the back and sides of the interior of the box so it looks neat when its lite up.

Sides and back are a little different.  The back has matching black spider paper, but I used a punch of a skull for the embellishment.  I liked the drippy goo border across the top but not on the front,  it looked to much like bad hair. lol.

The sides are similar to the back but in a reverse color pattern.

I have a few more of these boxes that I'm going to doll up for gifts for the neighbors.  Oh, by the way, when I add the battery tea-lite I always put a little bit of scrap paper around the it so it looks nice when you spy it through the openings.

Happy Halloween, I'm counting down the days.


  1. These are really cool!!! Great decorations and gifts! And you're right, never buy anything at full price! (I love those after Halloween sales at Michael's.)