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Friday, October 19, 2012

Mad Hatter

  I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date; world card making day that is.  Yes, I did make this card for world card making day which also happened to be national mad hatter day.

Here is a bit of information that I found on Mad Hatter Day

"Mad Hatter Day is a holiday in October. It fills the need for a second crazy day in the year, almost exactly half a year from April Fools' Day. The real spirit of Mad Hatter Day is turnabout: The nonsense we usually have to pretend is sane can be called madness for one day in the year; the superficially crazy things that really make sense can be called sane on Mad Hatter Day.

Mad Hatter Day is 10/6. The date was chosen from the illustrations by John Tenniel in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, wherein the Mad Hatter is always seen wearing a hat bearing a slip of paper with the notation "In this style 10/6". We take this as inspiration to behave in the style of the Mad Hatter on 10/6 (which is October 6 here, although in Britain Mad Hatter Day occurs on June 10...but I digress...) Some astute observers have noted that the paper in the Mad Hatter's Hat was really an order to make a hat in the style shown, to cost ten shillings sixpence. However, it is well known that Time Is Money, and therefore Money Is Time, and therefore 10/6 may as well be the sixth of October.

Mad Hatter Day began in Boulder, CO, in 1986, among some computer folk who had nothing better to do. It was immediately recognized as valuable because they caused less damage than if they'd been doing their jobs. It was announced that first year on computer networks. In 1987 it gained minor local recognition. In 1988, it was first recognized as an official holiday by an area business, and also received its first national press coverage by news services (who are always desperate for an unlikely story). It is almost certain that the national election also gave Mad Hatter Day a good boost in 1988.
Detailed plans for this year's Mad Hatter Day observance will, of course, be announced on October 7. We have found that plans made after the fact are more accurate and much easier to have fulfilled. Or, as the Red Queen said, "sentence first, then the verdict!"

As plans were just announced and then finalized for this date in 10 minutes, I am actually on time, well imagine that.

I found my Graphic 45 paper from last years Alice in Wonderland Halloween collection to be just right for this card.  I add lots of embellishments and die cut because, well because I could.  

Here is a close up of the chess piece in the upper right corner

There is still a lot of shine to it so it was rather difficult to photograph.  I liked how it looked better than a playing card and what the heck a game is a game right?

I created my Alice from the Bombshell Western Gal stamp set.  I took off her cowboy hat and drew a new hat for her and a new coat collar instead of her cowgirl kerchief.  

Graphic 45 Design Paper
Bazzil Cardstock
Gamsol Magic and OMS
Signo White Pen
Tim Holtz Clock Die
My Favorite Things Rolled Rose Die
My Kids chess piece (Hope they aren't planning to play soon)
Happy 2 Scrap bling
Joy Craft Teapot Die
Spellbinders Spoon Shapeability
Stazon Black Ink
Soot Distress Ink
Tim Holtz Embossing Folder 


  1. WOW!!! And what if it's to late??? This card is absolutey worth waiting for!I love it in every aspect,colorchoice,embelishments al the little things woith it! There is no such thing as a mad hatter day here in Holland. I know in the UK to story goes about the mad hatter,that the hatmakers became crazy of the with mercury soaked felt they worked with.It makes sense to me ( here painters became crazy because of the lead and other stuff in paint in the olden days..) but don't know if that really is true.. But however,a FABULOUS card again!

  2. AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!! Wow, this card is sooooo gorgeous and fun! Definately worth waiting for, I agree with Stempelientje. I *LOVE* how you made the Western Bombshell Gal Alice. Such an awesome idea! I love everything about this card, the details, the bling, gorgeous card!

  3. I happen to know the real Mad Hatter and his wife (Alice) and I think thay would approv.

  4. Totally love, Love, LOVE this!