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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday

     Time for my favorite day of the week, Wednesday.  The day I get to poke my ever so curious nose into everyones' workroom's and desks.  I always find it a great deal of fun and it's more exciting than a barrel full of gossip.

     Today, my puppies are back on the desk.  I had actually tidied up the desk last night and left a scrapbook layout I am creating out in the middle with different elements lying out on it almost ready to glue down.  Well Pearl Estelle decided that a layout meant she should layout on it which she promptly did.   Opal Ann at least had the good manners to stay in her little basket. (Her basket stays on my desk and is actually a tiny doll bed.  It's so funny when Pearl Estelle decides to park her rather plump derriere in it.)

     I could only convince her to move by offering to share my morning tea with her.

Of course that meant that Opal Ann, who had been napping had to come over for her share of the tea as well.

   This of course meant, by the time they were finished, that there was no tea left for me.  I did however get to keep working on the layout.  Which is still NOT finished.


  1. How sweet, don't think it would be good if my Labrador got on my desk though!
    Karen #47

  2. Oh please can I have them come lay on my desk from time to time? Mind you I don't know what my two dogs would make of it as lucy is way too big to go on my desk
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  3. What a sweet post!! I love your little darlings!! Tamara #101

  4. I can see your not going to get much crafting done with those cute little puppies. Jill #28

  5. LOL... I thought it was only cats that did that stuff but obviously very cute little puppies do too! It looks a lovely LO but that teacup and saucer definitely caught my eye... just beautiful!! Annette #7