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Thursday, December 12, 2013

See Through Santa

I had a stamp, and I had a plan.   Now usually, my plans are for naught.  The universe does not want ME to make plans, but this time, oh yes, this time my plan came together.  To quote the A Team  "I love it when a plan comes together".

My plan had two parts, two cards actually and both cards came out better than I hoped.  The first card, I will show you today, but you'll have to wait until Monday for the next card.

It all began when my boss said to me, "Mary Anne, would you mind making cards if you have any free time at work?"  What really, me make cards, what was she thinking.  I LOVE to make cards and to have access to ALL the stamps at work, HEAVEN!

We recently received a large shipment of stamps from Deep Red, I am not in any way connected to this company, but Oh my gosh, I adore their stamps and couldn't wait to play with them.  Their Christmas stamps kept whispering to me, choose me, choose me.  As you know, I always listen when stamps speak to me, (No, I am not that crazy, I never answer  back.) so I chose the loudest a vintage Santa.

Today's card is what happens when you stamp Santa onto acetate, a very spiffy card, if I do say so myself.

So, after all that incredible hype,  here is today's card.

A close up of the acetate and bottle cap

     I knew I wanted acetate and I knew I wanted a bottle cap, but I thought I was going to make a tag, but no the acetate just didn't work for a tag.  I used some paper left over from a previous card to create a long narrow card.  I used the bottle cap and some petaloo flowers to anchor the acetate and then added some glitter to cardboard numbers. It needed just a little more so, out came my trustie white sharpie and on went the polka dots.  I think the finished product met all my expectations for this stamp.  I can't be more pleased with it.  

     If you would like to see this card live and in person, touch the glitter, lift the acetate, kick the tires so to speak.  You can see it at For Keepsakes, where it's on display next to the Deep Red stamps.  

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