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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

By the Beach

Today, is the start of something new on my blog.  I originally started so that I could showcase cards to get on various design teams.  After a while, I was also using my blog to post classes I would be teaching.

I am no longer on any design teams.  I do not think I will be ever again unless possibly as a guest designer but really, I think I'm over that phase of my life.  I may teach again.  In fact, I enjoy teaching; but, what I don't enjoy is the pressure of HAVING to teach on a schedule.  I will teach again from my home when I have finished putting together my craft studio.  Yes, the children have dubbed it a studio; it sounds so spiffy.  I will be teaching classes using papers and stamps that I WANT to use instead of what a store wants to sell.  It seems to be an idea I can really get behind.

OK so now that I have rambled on, I have the first part of a project I made for my baby girl who is in her first year of college.  This is the daughter who sometimes crafts with me and who I was spending a lot of time with shopping, chatting, just be together.  Now that she is older she is more often a friend than my child.  Sometimes, I have to become THE MOM but not so much now.  Well, at any rate, now that she has gone away to college, she is big time homesick and DEMANDS lots of mail and crafty items.  I promised her a banner for her room using the Prima dolls I had been collecting and never inked.  She was supposed to get one piece of the banner each month she was gone until she had a complete banner.  Life being what it is, I didn't manage it.  Now that My studio is almost done and she is home for Winter break (until Saturday - sob), I am catching up.  I have finished six, yes six, pennants for her banner.  I will be showing them to you for the next few days.

I have to say every time I made one of these pennants I was really happy with how it came out and it was my favorite until I made the next one.  My baby insisted I have a theme.  I was going to do the months of the year, but noooo, that wasn't good enough.  So, I had to think and think again until I decided to use the same paper pad for all the dolls and give them each a gold necklace.  I used a different paper pad for the pennant itself so those all matched as well.  The next couple of things that tie them together is the edges, they all have a border around the sides that is different but they all have a border and the border across the top is the same. I used modeling paste and stencils on the background of each pennant.  I used different stencils but the same beautiful pearl modeling cream.  The last thing is that I put faux stitching around the edges of each border.  So, I think I managed the theme thing for her.  She seems satisfied at any rate and I know I am.

Well, if you have managed to hang on through all of that, here is the first pennant.

Here's a close up of the doll image

Each of the dolls has been colored with my colored pencils and then paper pieced and the paper pieces shaded with pencil as well.

If you have any questions about what I used to create this or any other question for that matter, just ask in the comments.  I will be happy to give you an answer.  I am not going to bother listing everything at the end of my posts anymore.  It's just too much trouble and I want to enjoy my blog.

By the way, I will probably be posting things about other subjects once in a while, if your not interested, please just skip that entry.  I hope this blog becomes more of a piece of me and how I or what I create but we'll see.

I am also going to post my email on the side bar so if you want, feel free to email me.  Please add the word blog or sparkly-train somewhere in the subject line so I find it in my email feed and don't think your spam.


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  1. Mary Anne, I love them, they are so so so awesome. Oh wow, They will look so great in her room. You are amazing Sweetie. I love seeing your work. Hugs, Cathy K