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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Prima Pennant, Garden Party

     This Prima doll is the one that most reminds me of my own littlest daughter.  Well, not so little now as you know, since she is a college freshman.  (Hi, baby)   The clothing style, the demure posture, the soft colors and long hair all say Tessa to me.

     I know Tessa would love to attend a fancy garden party.  So would I for that matter, so that was the inspiration for this banner.  I used lots of colored flowers and different types of flowers to give it a garden feel and my favorite vine flourish for them to grow on.  Of course, in real life different kinds of flowers aren't going to grow on the same vine; but in my fantasy garden, that isn't even a problem.   I have been saving these pretty pastel flowers that I found in the dollar bin for something special and this was it.

  I can just picture this pretty sweater in a lovely angora with pearls embroidered on the shoulders.  I gave her a headband to match the embroidered pearls.

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