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Friday, January 23, 2015

Prima Pennant, Party Girl

    This pennant is so fun and of course it is my favorite, at least today.  It reminds me of all the little girl birthday parties I ever attended or held for one of my own girls.  It's everything a girlie party should be; pink and pastels, banners, butterflies, and balloons, and a beautiful party dress with lots fo sparkle and lace.

     I added two lines of banners on this pennant but they are almost totally covered by everything else.  Still it all adds to the coolness factor, it's just not as festive without them.

     You can see the shimmer on the bottice and headband as well as the gathers in this pic.  To me, it really does look like a girls party dress.   Don't you just love the shimmer flowe sequins?  I found them at a local store.  I will be sad when I run out.


  1. Oh does this ever look like you had fun...I Love all your colours, and the vintage feel!!

  2. This is so adorable and the added lace on her skirt is so awesome.I love the little butterfly on her hair bad. She is absolutely the cutest thing. Love it.