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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Prima Pennant, Rainbow Puddles

This is the last Pennant for a little bit.  I am now caught up through January and will not make another until the next installment in February.

I saved my most favorite pennant for last.  I just love the sassy feel of this doll and gave her my dark hair just because I could.  At one point in my life my hair was actually this curlie thanks to a wild perm phase.   I wasn't sure if her light blue raincoat and boots were going to look the way I wanted.  They looked too gray until they were on the background.  I think the pink bits brighten them up just right without being over the top.

I am also tickled with the rainbow.  I originally made a sponged rainbow, which while it looked good, just didn't feel right.  Then I found this perfectly colored paper in the pad I was using and went with it.  A little crystal glitter on the edges of the rainbow and cloud and it was just right.  The raindrops are another dollar bin find that I bought and stuck in my stash for a rainy day.

     The umbrellas is a fun Marianne diecut that I have been longing to use.  I wasn't sure it wouldn't be to frou-frou for this sassy girl, but it seems to work.   I added a few clear dewdrops for a more watery feel.  I tried it with and without them and went back and forth on the decision.  I finally went with and I think I like them.  What about you?  Yes or no, either answer is good for me and I am really curious what you think.   I love creative feedback.

   So Miss Sassy here needed a gold necklace to go along with the necklace thing I have going but she really didn't have a necklace neckline.  I think her little gold choker is perfect for her fun style.

     Do they still make those little ball ponytail holders?  I know my girls wore them when they were little, but I haven't seen them around in a while.  I decided Miss Sass would like them for the retro feel and added some with liquid pearls.

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