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Friday, January 30, 2015

Tie Dyed

     When my youngest son was little he loved color.  Tie dye and rainbows were his thing.  The more color the better and I found a photo of him with my husband, Johnny Luv, that really shows two off my favorite men off perfectly from that time in their lives.   Johnny Luv and I had only been married a few months and this was his first birthday as Dad and Christopher was so stinking proud and happy about have a dad of his own since he couldn't remember his father, who died when he was young.  You can see it in his smirk.

     I have been hoarding some tie dyed paper with Christopher in mind and thought this picture was the perfect opportunity to use it.  I went through my rainbow embellishment drawer and came up with a peace sign that he created for Johnny Luv using those melty bead things and another peace sign pin given to him by his God mother, Mary L.  Both of the peace signs have been incorporated into the layout as well as a multitude of acrylic dotty colors and some smilie faces I've been saving for a while.

     Chris has become less colorful over the years although he does still love color and pattern.  He just uses them in moderation.  He is still my Rainbow Boy, even if he is almost 18.  He has grown up to be a young man with diverse friendships and wonderful social and leadership skills.  I couldn't be more proud of him.

     Johnny Luv has grown into his role of Dad and it fits him very comfortably now-a-days.  If someone could be born a natural father, it is definitely this wonderful man.

     Luckily, Chris will never see this post.  He would be embarrased to death.  I had to promise not to put it on facebook.  I  mean what would his friends think?  John on the other hand will see this and be proud as punch.  Love you guys.

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  1. Wow, I love how you just see things in your mind and then you just do it and it turns out so magnificent. Thank you for sharing with us.