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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Unicorn Carousel Dreams

Finally something different, today I have a card.   Yep, it has die cuts and pretty papers cause I just love those and an image my husband-in-law, Paulie Darlin' bought for me last year at a scrapbook convention.  It's part of a series of carousel stamps.  Eventually, I want to do a complete series of all the images, but for now, I am just doing the unicorn.

Last year I did a house mouse card class using some fun papers and had some left over so I decided to use some to create today's card.  It's so bright and just screams little girl unicorn dreams to me.  

After doing so many muted and pastel things recently this was really a change of pace.  I don't know when the last time I used my hot pink pencil was before this.  I really took my time and carefully shaded everything all the ribbons and saddle and just everything.  Then I added stickles to almost all of it and guess what, lost all the shading and detail, but hey all those sparkles look awesome.  The unicorn was shaded with turquoise and lime peel green which I blended and then went over with a Sakura glitter pen.  Man, this thing really shines.

For the flowers, I took some sale roses that were too big and tore off the backs to make them smaller.  After playing with them a bit, I tore off the last layer of petals and mixed them up with the opposite rose so that they worked better with the background paper.  I also tore of the green thingy that goes on the back of the flower, sepal I think, and added some brighter leaves.  Then for more frou-frou I added yellow organdy ribbon behind them.  I wanted to use pins with my ribbon but didn't want just a plain one and didn't want something with lots of beads so I decided to make little flags out of them using Washi tape.    I also just remembered, this car is way to big to create a card base using one piece of paper so it uses two that are glued together and the seem is hidden with Washi tape. Maybe next time, I'll remember to take a pic of it for you, if your interested.  Let me know.

I keep most of my Washi tape in two decorative jars with a few rolls, maybe sixteen, in two Washi tape dispensers that I change around according to the season.  I tend to use it for all kinds of things, not necessarily craft related.  I just found some new places to buy it from Pinterest.  Looks like there will be more in my future when I get my allowance.

Here's a close up of the Carousel Unicorn.  You can really see the sparkle on it here and more of the shading on the legs.  I originally wanted to color the body but decided that a mostly white animal would work better.

Well, this finishes up a marathon of blog posts for me.  I am going to go make a nice supper for the gang and then see about what I may want to create next.  I have an idea for a gold embossed carousel lion card that is fussing at me to be made and several scrapbook pages.  

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