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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mixed Media Medley

This scrapbook layout was inspired by the many beautiful mixed media layouts I have seen on various blogs and Pinterest.  It is my first attempt at this style and though I am content with my effort.  I am sure that there is much room for improvement.

The subject of the layout is my Incredible mother.  She passed away a few years ago and I still dearly miss my best friend and confidant.  In this picture she is pictured with her dog Heidi.  Heidi was a basset and cocker spaniel cross.  She had the beautiful fur, ears, and tail of the spaniel but unfortunately the short legs and deep chest of the basset.  Mother prayed and prayed that Heidi's legs would grow long enough for her to be able to look out the window on her own.  Heidi's legs did eventually grow just long enough to allow her to stand on her hind legs and look out the window.  In this photo, mother is teaching her how to look through the window.

This layout dealt me fits before I finally committed to the final product.  I gessoed. splattered, stenciled, distressed and inked.  I add embellishments and took them away, at least a hundred times.  I tried different layouts and different papers. I tried at least 10 different rolls of washi tape and a dozen die cuts.  I tell you I sweated over this and in the end, it reminds me of something I would have made in my childhood, but somehow that seems appropriate for mother.  

Next time I try this technique, and I will as I admire the technique when others use it, I think I will case someone's page to get a better feel for how to bring all the pieces together in a beautiful whole.  I am a bit competitive even when I am only competing with imaginary standards.  I want to learn and to do and succeed even though I think that this isn't truly the style I will ever be most comfortable practicing