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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Baby Geisha

As anyone who follows my blog knows, My oldest daughter who I have dubbed Baby Geisha, love Japan.  She has an incredible kimono collection that has been featured at art galleries and private shows.  She loves to  wear them and is always looking for the right occasion to wear one; Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Japanese festivals, Wednesday....

I have been intending to scrapbook her for the longest time and I have finally started.  Today I have a page that I started at Anna Griffin's Create event last year and recently finished.

This is a picture of when we had a small tea ceremony in our backyard.  It was when we wee hosting a traveling teapot.  It was a very special time for me having my daughter celebrate  this ceremony for the two of us.  I will treasure this memory the rest of my life.

The beautiful papers are from one of Anna Griffin's paper lines.  As is the overlay. The symbol in the left corner is also part of an overlay that I cut apart. I used more of this overlay on the second page of this spread which I will share tomorrow.

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