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Monday, June 20, 2016

Mayflowers and Butterflies

Have you heard about the latest trendy thing in the paper community?  That's right I am talking about pocket letters.  What you haven't heard of pocket letters?   They are happy mail exchanged between crafters.  Using a 9 pocket baseball card holder, a person fills each pocket with little bits and bobs that they enjoy and share with another crafter.  Sometimes the fronts are decorated and the backs are filled with stash treats.  Other times the fronts are the decoration and stash treat all in one.  They always include a note from the originating crafter along the lines of a pen pal.  Pocket letter exchanges can be a one time exchange or a long term pal.

I was introduced to pocket letters by a friend in my House Mouse group.  They have slowly been creeping up on me and stealing my attention.  So much so that I have actually joined an on line exchange group.  My first swap was themed Mayflowers and Butterflies.

Here is the pocket letter I created.

I chose a pretty piece of design paper with some lovely flowers to be my background paper.  I then stamped and colored four butterflies and popped two together and then popped them onto the background paper.  I added glitter to the Pink flowers and then cut it into 9 even 2.5" x 3.5" pieces.  Next I took a second piece of the same background paper and fussy cut one of the flowers out and added to the outer front corner of the pocket letter, again adding glitter.
Washi tape was added to the side.  Finally I added a ribbon tassel through a hole in the plastic card holder and tied on a bunch of fun butterfly charms and pony beads.

Now for the back

You can see the ribbon tassel much better in this picture.

I filled the pockets with some fun embellishments.  Across the top I have a set of pretty little butterfly tags with glittered butterflies and edges tied up with a bit of pretty lace, next are a selection of butterfly die cuts and in the third pocket is a magnet I made from a drink can.

 In the middle pockets are more die cuts in white so that they may be colored in to match a project, hand made stick pins to match the pink and yellow butterflies in front, and a variety of paper flowers that can be used singly or together.

The bottom row has a pretty envelope with a note to my partner, a glassine envelope filled with transparent butterflies, and some white butterfly and flower stickers that can be colored to match  a project.

I am anxious to hear back from my partner.  This is my second pocket letter and I am very excited about the entire thing.  I received my pocket letter and was delighted with the design and embellishments.  It is like receiving treasure and smiles in the mail.

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