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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Royal Geraniums

My grandmother's favorite flower were white geraniums and as a girl growing up in Spain, I was surrounded by multicolored geraniums everywhere you turned, gardens, pots, windows...  My mother always had geraniums in planters around the house and would save the roots every year to replant them in the spring. I guess that's why I always love geraniums now.

When I saw this geranium stamp I just couldn't resist it.  It came on a sheet with the crown and even though they don't go together, I just couldn't resist putting them together.

As you can see I did my usual glitter and pop on this card.  What you can't see is the beautifully embossed background.  I used an Anna Griffin embossing folder for the background and a different one for the trim.  I think she has the prettiest embossing folders on the market.

Wish I could send this card to my own Momma; but, since she isn't here any more, I guess I will have to send it to one of my sisters.