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Friday, March 24, 2017

What's All the Buzz About

I think I have mentioned before that my husband's interest have extended to bee keeping.  That being true, of course, my interest has extended to Bee stamps, papers and charms also dies and embossing folders.  So basically if I find something to craft with and it has a bee on it, I'm good to go.

I also love the bees and bee themed crafts because I connect them with one of my favorite bible verses "How sweet are your words to my taste sweeter than honey to my mouth" Psalm 119:103

I was browsing through ebay for bee stamps and came across this one and couldn't resist it.

The image was die cut to fit the frame.  I love that it is a nice big stamp, big stamps are so fun to color.  So often, the really spiffy stamps are so small or don't have much detail.  I used several layers and fussy cut the bees and used glossy accents on the wings and the eyes.  I really like how the little beady eyes came out.  The comb took lots of time to color with a number of different pencils, I think somewhere around 9 or 10 maybe more.

Just a little tip.  I gave up using the adhesive on adhesive jewels and glue them down with a dot of wet glue.  I personally like Art Glitter's designer adhesive.  I despise finding having my jewels fall off.
Until you tomorrow.  May you beeee blessed.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I like leftovers.  I like leftover food, ready for the next meal.  I like leftover flowers from fancy arrangements, I like leftover seeds to see what grows.  I like leftover crafty bits to see what they will create.

Today, I made a card of leftover crafty bits.  I knew as soon as I punched out a piece of cardstock for another card that I really wanted to use the negative piece leftover.

I added a few bits left from some other cards and voila, it's a card.  There was no die cutting and no stamping only a few embellishments sometimes. Quick and easy is just fun and fabulous.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Popping in for Tea

There are two things I really love, OK, actually there are a lot more, but; today we are talking about two.  One is tea and the other is making cards so when I can bring these two loves together.  It's always a good day.

I am particularly thrilled with the tea cup stamp I used for this card.  It has a lovely blue willow pattern and is particularly large.

The really spiffy part about this card isn't just the card front, inside it's a pop-up

It was incredibly fun getting to use so many of my tea stamps for this card; five stamps in the inside and the one on the front.  

This card makes my little frou-frou heart pitty pat with all it's tea goodnessy girlieness

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fairy Silhouette Pocket Letter

Did I mention that I am enjoying pocket letters?  Yes, I think I did.  Sooo, be prepared to see them popping up here quite often.

This pocket letter I made a little while back for a friend from my house mouse group who seems to be as taken with fairies as I am.

I learned a few things making this one, like how to glue something to the front of a pocket letter.  I think I must have tried a dozen glues to get these to work.  I finally settled on #E6000.

This time a have a picture of the back where I added all the fun bits and bobs.

For this pocket letter I tried to keep most of the embellishments in a purple and black theme.  I did add some silver leaves which I love using in lots of different projects. I always buy lots of them during the Christmas clearance sales.  I also couldn't resist adding the pretty butterfly post it notes - So fun, I ordered those from China.

Blessings Be.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Lucky Find

Being part Irish, I am of course obligated to celebrate.  When the children were little, every meal was as green as I could make it. Green eggs, green oatmeal, green butter on green toast (yes, I made the bread myself).  Lunch would be more green bread with green egg salad with lettuce or alfalfa sprouts, and finally green dinner, it could be green pasta with green pasta sauce, green rice, of course a completely green salad and green jello with green veggies and one year green breaded pork chops made from the leftover bread crumbs. We even had green milk or koolaide.  I really miss those days.

This year, being just a tiny bit more organized than last, I managed to make and send some cute little St. Patrick's Day cards.  I used my favorite St. Pat's stamp from my vast collection of House Mouse stamps.

I have to say, Spellbinders has made creating cards so much fun.  I love all the beautiful dies that are now available in the card making world.  The embossing folders are equally fabulous, although, I must admit, Anna Griffin's folders are my all time favorites, oh, and the original dotted swiss.

I couldn't find a design paper that appealed to me for this card so I just edged a piece of white card with a delightful washi tape.  It added a perfect touch.  The gold paper also has a lovely shimmer.

For the first time in a long while I decided to join in on the House Mouse Monday Challenge HERE The theme is Party and on St. Pat's that is what it's all about.

Happy St. Pat's

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wintertime Gorjuss Pocket Letter

Oh my, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted here.  Well it looks like I am back.  My children have asked me to keep posting so, here I go again.

I recently began swapping pocket letters.  I have to say, I truly, truly enjoy these.  They are not only fun to make, but choosing the little treasures to fill it with is filled with such fun decisions.  Should I use this little item from my stash or that one.  What will my partner like, will I stick with a theme or be random.  I also enjoy creating little bits for the letters, little paper clips with cute embellishments, pretty stick pins, coloring cards,  and so very many ideas.

Receiving one is like receiving a wonderful birthday gift in the mail filled with tiny treasures.  Sometimes I use the little treasures sometimes I just leave them in the pocket to be admired again and again.

The world of pocket letters is definitely a like a teaparty with Alice, enchanting, exciting and filled with whimsy.

This is a Gorjuss pocket letter I created for a swap party in England.  It's actually the second pocket letter.  The first on didn't get photographed and darn it all the it never reached it's intended.  I think the post office gremlin snitched it.

So without further ado, here is my Gorjuss wintertime pocket letter.
These sweetly shy little girl images tickle my heart.  I love having an opportunity to share them.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

MY King Fisher

OK, yep, I know, the title is corny but, hey, it makes me smile and I know my Johnny Luv will like it.  (You do don't you Sweetie?)  My Johnny Luv always keeps tabs of what's going on here on the blog.

This is a fun layout I created using Cricut Air and an Anna Griffin cartridge and die cuts.  This layout is the first one I have ever made using a Cricut Air or any other Cricut for that matter.  I used the Cricut Air while at a Anna Griffin event in Georgia and fell in love with the ease of it.  It is way kewl.  I will be doing this often.  Well, not this exactly, but something using Cricut.

Faux wood vinyl was used to make this.  It had three background layers and then a photo of Johnny Luv on his first fishing trip at our friend's farm.  Each layer is popped up. I used some fun masculine embellishments also all popped  with dimensional foam and a feather that I found while at the farm.

This is the first time I have not matted my photo before adding it to a layout but I really wanted this one to feel more like a collage of "man stuff".