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Monday, March 20, 2017

Fairy Silhouette Pocket Letter

Did I mention that I am enjoying pocket letters?  Yes, I think I did.  Sooo, be prepared to see them popping up here quite often.

This pocket letter I made a little while back for a friend from my house mouse group who seems to be as taken with fairies as I am.

I learned a few things making this one, like how to glue something to the front of a pocket letter.  I think I must have tried a dozen glues to get these to work.  I finally settled on #E6000.

This time a have a picture of the back where I added all the fun bits and bobs.

For this pocket letter I tried to keep most of the embellishments in a purple and black theme.  I did add some silver leaves which I love using in lots of different projects. I always buy lots of them during the Christmas clearance sales.  I also couldn't resist adding the pretty butterfly post it notes - So fun, I ordered those from China.

Blessings Be.

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  1. Oh wow Mary Ann this purple/lavender pocket card is them most beautiful. Wow, oh wow, oh wow, I love it.